lunedì 18 aprile 2016

Taking care of our community

To educate children about the importance of the recycling, provides a path for a greener future. The children prepared posters with drawings to encourage other students to keep clean the school.

Educare i bambini sull’importanza del riciclaggio, fornisce un percorso per un futuro più verde. I bambini hanno preparato dei poster con dei disegni per incoraggiare gli altri alunni a mantenere pulita la scuola.

Ins.te Maria Basile  scuola Ciari

My bedroom

Durante lo studio dei vocaboli di arredi domestici, gli alunni della classe terza B della scuola Ciari hanno realizzato la propria cameretta con materiale riciclato.

During the study of household furnishings’ vocabulary , the students of class 3b have created their own bedroom with recycled materials.

Ins.te Maria Basile

venerdì 7 novembre 2014



1 by VB class, "Bruno Ciari" primary school - GRUGLIASCO

Witch, witch, where does you fly?
Under the clouds,over the ski.
Witch, witch, what does you eat?
Little black apples from Hurricane street.
Witch, witch, what does you drink?
Vinegar and good red ink.
Witch, witch, where does you sleep?
Up in the clouds where the pillow are cheap.

Carlo e Stoian


Once upon a time, there was a big white skeleton 
and he was running in the scary night.
While he is walking in the night he meets some friends:
the mummy is in a big purple sarcophagus,
the vampire is big, black and very ugly,
the witch is black and purple,
one hundred white ghosts kill children,
the zombie is playing trick or treat,
the dragon is fire_breathing,
the black bat is flying in the night,
the brown and red monster is attacking the castle,
while the orange moon is shining over the black and brown haunted house.

Esmeralda e Lorenzo


A yellow moon shines in the night.
The children play trick or treat.
A black bat goes up and goes down over the town.
A vampire jumps on a tree.
A zombie opens the sarcophagus.
From the haunted house a lot of ghosts go out.
It's a TERRIBLE night !!!

Fabiana e Gaia


It's night, in the devil's house a ghost is attacked by a zombie.
The zombie fights and he is not afraid.
The ghost has got a magic wand and he kills the zombie: he dies.
The ghost fights against the dragon: the dragon dies.
The ghost meets a witch, he opens the witch's body: the witch dies.
At last,when the night ends and the sun starts to rise, the ghost goes to sleep.

Federico e Francesco


In the house there is:
a very scary ghost.
The ghost has got:
a black and brown body, green eyes and two wings to fly.
There is a very scary vampire.
The vampire has got: a white body and black hair.
There is a ghost rider.
The ghost is fired and he is very ... very ... scary.
A boy and a girl knock at the door of the house and they say:
" Trick or treat!"
The vampire opens the door and the children run away to the town.

Francesca e Samuele


A dragon is big, long, red and green.
The dragon can fly, spit fire, run, turn around and roar.
The dragon is sad because he is closed in a haunted house.
In the haunted house the dragon meets his bets friend, the Werewolf.
The dragon goes out from the haunted house with his friend Werewolf and they go to play trick or treat for Halloween. 

Iacopo e Sami

The Zombie and the Ghost.

In a big haunted house a ghost lives, his name's Bill.
In a small graveyard a zombie lives, his name's Dracula.
One day the ghost and the zombie go to the town.
"Hello! I'm Billy" the ghost says.
"Hello!" I'm Dracula" the zombie says.
The ghost and the zombie are running through the town, a man meets them, he is horrified and pukes on zombie's feet.
The zombie kills the man.
Then they go to a bank and the ghost robs the bank, but ... it's a joke: the ghost wants to play trick or treat.
Suddenly the police gets into the bank.
The zombie runs back to the graveyard and the ghost runs back again to the haunted house.

Giacomo e Rossella


The zombie is very terrible.
The zombie attacks people.
The mummy is in a big, yellow sarcophagus.
The ghost has got a white tunic.
The bat is flying.
The dragon has got three heads.
The moon is very big.
The monster is green like vomit.
The vampire has got a black coat.
The ghost rider drives his moto.
The wizard is fantastic.
The spider is horrible.

Riccardo e Matteo


This is a vampire.
He is terrible.
He can fly.
He bits a pretty girl's neck.
He doesn't swim.
He has got a black, big coat.
He's a killer.
He eats red blood for breakfast.
He's got long hair.
The vampire is allergic to the sun.
The vampire goes through the walls.
He is invisible.
He is scary.
The vampire has got a lot of different powers.
He has got red eyes, he has got small ears and  a small nose.

Giorgia e Pamela


In the haunted house there are a devil and a dragon.
The dragon is a red king of fire.
It's very big and fire_breathing.
The devil is red, black and has got a horn and a long tail.
The dragon has got some friends.
They are dragons too:
the first dragon is the black king of dark energy,
the second dragon is the white king of ice.
In the haunted house there are a killing ghost and a green zombie too.
One day the dragons fight against the devil.
The devil wins.
The white dragon and the black dragon kill the devil.
The dragons fight against the zombie and the ghost.
The dragons win: the Red King of Fire is happy.

Alessio e Kabir